Sunday, January 15, 2012

unvisible 2(Script)

juwe's ram script
smokinl337's sicktweaks
SD card speed fix (4096kb)

i use this on my htc evo 4g running CM7 nightly 220 with savagedzen kernel and these scripts make a HUGE improvement.

i didnot write these scripts, i just put them all togather. thanks to juwe and smokin1337 and whoever wrote sd card speed fix (couldnt remember the authors name)

this will work with any gingerbread based roms.

the sd card speed booster increases the read/write speed of the sd card to 4096kbps.

juwes ram script increases your ram by killing unused background processes and such.

sick tweeks just increases general speed of general android processes.

most of these scripts do ALOT of basic system performance improvements, put them all togather and they make a HUGE differance.

it also works on ice cream sandwich. thanks to bitterman for pointing that out. as with everything else on this forum.. use at your own risk blah blah blah

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