Thursday, January 5, 2012

(FEARMEde)-EX1.2- HTC Sense 3.5 Official 2.3.5

FEATURESSense 3.5 with Gingerbread 2.3.5
3D widgets and clean crisp graphics
Kings Tweaks (lots of really cool tweaks such as transparencies, status bar mods and more)
High Quality Video recording (no 720P yet)
Working Black Quick-launch Widget
Themed ICS clock to match rom colors.
Added common apps and newest versions with ad-block hosts preloaded
Newest SuperUser
Framework Tweaks by hardknoxx
Newest HTC Widgets
Supercharged for better ram and performance
ChopSuey Kernel
Mild Theming for crisp vivid appearance
Close to 280 mb free on install with option for even more using Terminal Emulator
Much more


Change log EX1.2

Fixed 720p video recording (FC on unmediated playback)
Fixed Lockscreen freezing and delay
Minor things unmentioned I've forgotten

Change log EX1.1

Full Wipe PLEASE!! This is a new base so start from scratch!

Fixed and increased values of low memory killer and adj
Reduced lag
Added new SemiTransparent Quick launch widget
Chopsuey kernel baked right in
Now on Official Runnymede RUU
most camcorder issues fixed, all but 720 in landscape,
portrait will record but its distorted.
Fast reboot now works,
Browser no longer crashes,
No more FC when hitting search in manage apps,
FLASHBACK!! looks as if it did in its original Beta 1 release
seems stable,
Recleaned and OPTed Framework (thanks hardknoxx)
Updated numerous apps
updated hosts file and busybox
moved bootanimation/downanimation back to data/local/
Volume issues should be fixed
fixed MMS compression from 500k, 2mb or 5mb with no FC



Notification pulldown quick-settings descriptions are incorrect.
Wallpaper preview are grey in panel mode.(all panel type previews) use grid for view.
Hub has no wallpaper or skin support yet.
SMS does not split (keep under 160char)
4G not until sprint gets a 3.5 sense phone.
Patternlock clock and text is weird, time cut in half.
Theres an FC when selection get more in ringtones.
low memory popup appears in place of FC sometimes..ignore it...its nothing.
may be new bugs, let us know.

FEARME EX.1.2 HTC Sense 3.5 Official 2.3.5

Original Post: Blazing-Roms

Developer: Jerrod The Great

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