Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fusion EX4.0 ICS Themed Sense 3.5 and AOSP

Much Thanks to everyone who contributed resources for this rom!Hardknoxx for the work he did in the framework
Capychimp and his gang at RC for some images and theme elements
if you belong here let me know i cant think of names at the moment

What is this rom exactly?
This is based off the Official Sensation XL RUU base, with runnymede, bliss and AOSP elements.
First rom to offer Fully working Kings Tweaks on a beats audio themed bliss rosie.The right button(phone) is customizable to any application you have installed. you will want to set this to phone on boot for the first time its preset to personalize. Many other cool features available.

To set right button to phone go to settings, kings tweaks, sense settings, then change the personalize button to phone. Uncheck box, then recheck. Repeat if it doesn't work. Will try resetting this for next update.

The new Quicklaunch widget may create homescreen lag due to the animation of the widget at times.
Now includes Chopsuey kernel baked right in!
BusyBox is ready for V6 and Script manager also included.

Whats working?
Almost Everything

Wifi, USB, MMS, GPS, Bluetooth, HOTSPOT
Camera, Camcorder 720p working
Browser, 4way reboot, much more

What Doesnt Work?

Wallpaper Previews (use Grid view)
NO 4G until 3.5 comes to Sprint (if you ask about it, you WILL be ignored)
SMS must be under 160 char.
Notification Dropdown is a little mismatched in descriptions.

All stock HTC Widgets, a few extras,
Newest versions of Market and Superuser
Added apps such as Titanium Backup, Astro, Script Manager, Terminal,
Kings Tweaks, Customize things like status bar, app drawer, global effects and more
Many Tweaks in the system for speed and ram
colored background in certain HTC apps (check pics)

Also note that this rom is themed so certain things may not change such as the wallpaper behind certain apps and such. these images are built into the framework to get this appearance so these images will remain when you change your homecreen wallpaper.

Original Post: Blazing-Roms

Developer: Dropzeroc

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