Monday, January 9, 2012

Amon Ra Style Recovery for Supersonic

I have had several requests for a supersonic recovery from my forked Amon Ra source.

The recovery binary and several binaries have been compiled for armv7-neon so it should be faster. Also many new features have been added/updated. Capactive keys also work.

To also make it clear this recovery will restore both existing clockwork mod backups and Amon Ra backups.

Recovery Features:

ADB as root user

USB-MS Toggle :mounts sdcard as mass storage

Nand Backup : Select Items to backup with the [X]
Nand Restore : browse to and select nandroid backup to restore
Nand Restore Clockwork : browse to and restore cwm backup

Flash Zip From Sdcard: must be in root of sdcard or you can directory browse.
Toggle Signature Verify : Turn of signature checking on flashing zips

Wipe Menu:
Wipe data/factory reset: wipes all
Wipe cache
Wipe Dalvik cache : Wipes Dalvik cache in all possible locations if moved by apps2sd
Wipe SD:ext : Wipes Apps2sd ext partition
Wipe Battery Stats
Wipe rotate settings
Wipe data only
Wipe system
Wipe sdcard
Wipe .android secure : Wipes froyo native .android_secure on sdcard

Partition Sdcard:
Partition SD: Partition's sdcard for apps2sd (this formats card so all non backed-up data is lost)
Repair Sd:ext
SD:ext2 to ext3 : coverts apps2sd ext2 partition to ext3
SD:ext3 to ext4 : same as above but ext3 to ext4 (

Gui mounts to avoid typing in terminal to mount and cd into a dir to mount system, data, cache, sd-ext (if exists), sdcard

Fix Permissions
Move recovery log to SD
Key Test : Output keycodes for debugging recovery
Check Battery Lvl

Developer menu:
Make and flash boot from zimage : This makes a mkboot folder on sdcard and mounts sdcard as mass storage then you copy a zImage and kernel modules into this folder and it will create a new boot like anykernel and flash it.

Install su & superuser: Installs or fixes su & superuser install (removes old if exists)
Install eng (unguarded) su: Installs engineering su that doesn't use superuser (removes old su & superuser if exists)
Reboot to bootloader: reboots to bootloader/hboot
Reboot recovery : reboots phone back into recovery

I have included flash_eraseall binary to recovery which can be used to fix/erase corrupted partitions that will not mount correctly to nandroid restore to.
Useage from adb shell is : flash_eraseall /dev/mtd/mtd4 (where mtd4 is the number of the partition from "adb shell cat /proc/mtd" you want to erase)

Trouble Shooting:
Use option under Other menu to move recovery log to sd. Mount your sdcard to pc and read that file called recovery.log. It should have detailed cause of error.

Special Thanks:
Thanks to :
Amon Ra

Changelog 3.07:
As per captain throwback's suggestion this one allows a selective restore of backup items on a nandroid restore.
MD5 =940b7d56701473731da2fb58bbaae9a6

MD5= 2976958267bb43c5c15a18739f90ace4 recovery-ra-supersonic-3.06-gnm.img

Original Post: XDA

Developer: Drellisdee

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