Sunday, January 15, 2012


Here is the start of something that I hope is fun. My first time messing with kernels, I have also been an AOSP fanboy, until the latest HTC Sense OTA. For some reason I get awesome battery with the stock kernel. So knowing that, I thought it would be nice to add some tweaks to a sense kernel and see how good the battery can really get. I don't have a website to promote, so I use mediafire for downloads, if you have a mirror please let me know.


  • Added HDMwIn port
  • Lowered Less, More, and Aggressive voltages by 25
  • Added TUN to kernel
  • Removed call recording
  • Tweaked the voltages for OC frequencies
  • Compass updates (barnacles10)

You can find all the changes I make in the changelog above. Please let me know if there are any issues. You can follow me on twitter which is in my sig or on google+ in my sig as well.

Thank you everyone! I have no idea who "created" smartass, so I have no idea who to thank. Please help me with that..

If you would like to help with building, or learn more about it you can check out my other thread here dedicated to building and editing your own kernels.
If you are seeing battery drain with the latest release its because the voltages for anything over .998 Ghz is now at its stock voltage, which was causing issues being under volted. So if you are overclocked your battery will die faster. If you want speed you will have to pay the piper. This won't change. That's just how it is. Its unstable to under volt the OC frequencies.

Original Post: XDA

Developer: Lithid-CM

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