Sunday, January 15, 2012

ChopSuey v.9.1

Features: Overclocking / underclocking / interactiveX governor / 10point multi-touch / Budget Fair Queuing IO / Adaptive Voltage Scaling and more..
Hello everyone. I wanted to share something fun I've been working on.
ChopSuey is a kernel built from htcs released kernel source.
This kernels goal is to be stable while implementing new features.
For a full feature list, please see the changelog on Google Code linked below.
Also, make sure to grab the appropriate file.

Huge thanks to lithid for his extremely helpful script to compile, as well as all the debugging help, tips, and support along the way
Thanks to Team Win for their HDMI mirroring source.
Thanks to imoseyon for his wake logic tweaks / interactiveX governor
Thanks to tchebb for his multitouch logic
Thanks to Netarchy for his source documented oc/uc logic as well as various other tweaks
Thanks to Fabio Checconi and team for the BFQ scheduler used in this kernel
Thanks to kingx for his AVS implementation logic
Thanks to m20120 for pointing out the compass fix
Thanks to Google for an awesome project home

Chop Suey 9.1

Original Post: XDA

Developer: Barnacles10

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