Sunday, January 15, 2012

CleanROM 1.1 - As Clean as Ever

CleanROM was designed to be a cleaned up Sprint Stock ROM with some features and enhancements! This is not a heavily themed ROM. All HTC and Google Apps are uptdate as of 11/17/2011. ROM is de-odexed and based on official Sprint RUU 4.54.651.1.


  • OS: Gingerbread 2.3.3 with CIQ Removed
  • Kernel: Aggressive Freedom v0.9
  • Apps2SD: Compatible!
  • Apps: ES File Explorer
  • Tethering Option 1: Sprint Hotspot for 3G Wireless and Wired Tether
  • Tethering Option 2: WiFi Tether 3.1 Pre 115 for 3G and 4G Wireless Tether
  • Tweaked: Performance and Battery
  • Enhancements: Power Menu, Quick Settings, Battery with percent, 5 Meg MMS
AdobeReader, Amazon Kindle, Amazon mp3, AppSharing, Blockbuster, NOVA, Nascar, Qik, QuickLookup, Quickoffice, RSS, Sprint TV, Sprint Zone, Sprint Navigator
Changes in Version 1.1 - 1/8/2012
Added: Apps 2 SD Support (beta)
Added: Social Networking Framework Back in
Updated: Swype
Updated: Adobe Flash
Updated: ES Flie Explorer
Updated: Google Maps 6.0.3
Updated: Market 3.4.4
Updated: Super User 3.0.7
Updated: You Tube 2.3.4
Updated: Visual Voice Mail T.
Updated: WiFi Tether 3.1 Pre 115
Rmeoved: Location Icon from Status bar

Original Post: XDA

Developer: Scrosler

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