Thursday, January 5, 2012

Team Nocturnal Presents Stock EVO4G TN Edition Now W/CRT animations

The Goods:

-Base- Updated to 4.54
-Custom 5Row Semi-Transparent App drawer Rosie (Thanks Tommy T for all your rosie tuts.)
-Build.prop tweaks for speed, battery, and overall better performance.
-Custom Semi-Transparent dropdown Changed the notification backround so its easier to read- (10/15/11)
-Wireless Tether and hotspot unlocked
-Updated Super User, and bin so you wont get that annoying notification telling you its out of date.
-HD Netflix (Note dont upgrade if you want to keep the high def. capability's.
-DSP Manager (Thanks CM Team)
-All removed apps put in Team-Nocturnal folder on sd card for easy install.
-busybox run parts support-
-init.d support- w/custom nocturnal init.d scripts-
-data app/local support- Custom Team-Nocturnal Boot
-zipalign on boot
-mms max limit 5mb by default-
-dalvick heap set to 48mb by default-
-4in1 reboot mod-
-Enabled Screen Capture-
-Updated Google Apps-


-Added the sounds to the Team-Nocturnal folder on sdcard for people that want to keep them, or if you dont want them you can easily delete them.
-Dialer is fixed for sure this time
-Cleaned up some things that I noticed were forgot or left out of .03
-CRT Animations Added ( more random reboots!)
-All Language Packs Removed
-Opted all smali (this took me forever)
-Themed Slightly.
-New Wallpapers
-Got rid of most of the sounds and other useless stuff
-Added Juwes Ram Tweaks (Thanks Juwe)
-Removed the USB Debugging Notification from the taskbar
-Fixed the status bar to show true data 1x or 3G
-Added 0 compress MMS
-Adjusted sdcard read beuffer to 512
-Unlocked hidden settings in Browser
-Dissabled signature verification (Thanks Tommy)
-Added ICS MArket
-Added Google Music (moved MIUI Music to sdcard for easy install)
-Updated Google Voice Search
-Updated ES File Explorer
-Changed the look of the Clock (Looks Cleaner)
-Fixed the numbers being off to left while making a phone call
-Added the HtcMusic app and widget back per request of users.
-Added "Tweaks" (thanks to RomanBB for original source code)- Not all the tweaks features work, so this is a W.I.P.
So what is working?
All the features for the clock including changing the color, hide the clock, hide am/pm, and just added center the clock option
The battery features such as color and showing % text. You can also set the color of the % to change according to percentage.
Also I have the CRT on/off animations working. So you can choose to have them or not.
All this is an effort bye us to bring as many options to you, the user, as possibile

Original Post: Team Nocturnal

Developer: Gruesome Wolf

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