Thursday, January 5, 2012

Swagged Out Stock v1.9.0.8*Swag Flu

IntroductionThis ROM was originally based on the 4.53.651.1 OTA update for the HTC EVO 4G and has included all of the parts of the 4.54.651.1 OTA update (except the boot.img) into it. The ROM is rooted and has had as much bloatware removed as possible. The goal of this ROM is to give those that enjoy the stock ROM a clean environment to work in. While at the same time, giving the ability to add some tweaks and swagger to keep the ROM competitive.

Swagged Out:
When your swag is so great that the second you walk into a room b_tches be on your d_ck.

Team Swag
My name is Sam Sarsten. I am a contributing editor for the EVO-loving site Good and EVO. Feel free to call me swagstr. This is the first ROM I have ever written. I would like to thank dsixda for his HTC Android Kitchen. I would also like to thank NinjaWolf for compiling the base rooted, deodexed ROM. None of this would have been possible without those two people.

I'd also like to thank HTC and Sprint for the awesome phone. Also, Jenn K. Lee for running the great site, Good and EVO!

My name is Tyler Land you can call me PFC or PFC Land. I am currently in college going for my major in graphics. I am also in the Army National Guard. I have been using Android phones for two years and have been rooted since about the beginning. I would like to thank swagstr for letting me be part of this awsome ROM and also to all the devs that help make these roms and guides that I have used and helped me learn how to use my rooted phone the right way.

There are two flavors of this ROM:Swag = OFF - this is the base ROM with a stock look
  • Rooted, stock, deodexed ROM base - thanks to NinjaWolf
  • Sprint's Hotspot App is unlocked and free (as is USB tethering) - thanks noimjosh
  • Advanced Power Menu for easy access to recovery (featured on G&E) - thanks ca1ne
  • TONS of useless system apps removed - thanks me
  • Apps2SD enabled - thanks to dsixda's kitchen
  • Zipaligns on boot - thanks to Virus
  • SD Card speed fix and other cool tweaks enabled - thanks to Virus
  • Adjust Wi-Fi scan to 90 seconds to help battery life
  • Added Nano text editor + sysro/sysrw and Bash - thanks to dsixda's kitchen
  • Busybox installed - thanks to dsixda's kitchen
  • Some system apps have been moved to /data/app/ to make them uninstallable, movable to SD card, etc. (Gmail, Maps, Street, Voice Search, YouTube)
  • All apps (including Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and Market) updated to latest version - as of release
  • Google Talk with Video Chat Enabled (JSYK front facing camera is sideways - Sense's problem, not mine)
  • CIQ and HTCLoggers are 100% removed - find out why by reading this G&E article
  • OTA Updates via ROM Manager Premium
  • Max tabs open in Browser bumped up to unlimited (but will crash over 7 usually, be careful) - thanks to tommytomatoe
  • Native screenshots enabled (hold power button then tap home, pictures saved in DCIM folder) - thanks to freeza
  • MMS compression fix - thanks to Calkulin
  • 1X/3G icon fix
  • Some lib files removed to save space
  • Custom wallpaper
  • Updated Voicemail App
Probably more... follow changes at the Changelog page.

Swag = ON - less like stock, more like SWAG (this is the version you'll probably end up with )
  • All the goodies from Swag = OFF base
  • lithid-cm's HTC EVO 4G Freedom-v0.9 (Stock) Kernel (OC, UV, SmartAss governor, HDMI mirroring) - head over to lithid-cm's kernel's thread for kernel-related issues
  • USB Debugging icon removed from status bar and GPS icon removed when off - thanks gruesomewolf
  • Custom boot animation (featured on G&E) - thanks thermanlee
  • Notification bar themed and transparent pulldown added - thanks gruesomewolf
  • Quick Settings and Recent Apps added to notification pulldown - thanks ca1ne
  • 3 keyboard options - stock replaced with keyboard with black background (thanks ldc2335), custom HTC_IME Mod added for those that don't like arrows (thanks jonasl), and ICS Keyboard added (thanks to johntanmi)
  • Sprint Lover icons in the status bar - thanks to chris1683 for making the ROM inspiring these icons
  • % Battery icon - thanks martijua
  • Swagged Out Slate lock bar - thanks to 00McD00 for inspiration
  • Rosie (i.e. dock) modded to look like Sense 2.1 with remapped right button which leads to LaunchKey that can be programmed to open any app - thanks to tommytomatoe's tutorial to enable this sweet feature
  • Roboto (ICS) font added
  • Includes as few apps as possible: LaunchKey (for remapped Rosie)
  • Transparent app drawer - thanks Calkulin
  • Gingerbread overscroll affect
  • CRT On/Off Animation - thanks gruesomewolf
  • RAM Tweak - thanks Juwe11
  • Volume key mods (for changing songs and waking screen) - thanks to me, but inspired by tommytomate (featured on G&E)
  • Many more added in v1.9.0.8 - check the changelog below for all the new additions!

Original Post: Swagged Out Stock & XDA

Developer: Swagstr

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