Wednesday, January 4, 2012

RadianceHD RC1.2.1

This is and update and upgrade for my previous version of Radiance HD.
Now on Sense 3.5 instead of 3.0
On a whole new base than any prior 3.5 rom by me
Thanks capychimp for the base!!

Partitioned SD highly recommended (uses a2sd and cashesd on boot)


-Fixed a2sd issue. now 367mb on a clean install
(aosp a2sd. no commands necessary)
-Fixed boot animations in tweaks. You can now switch between different boot animations
(once you change this default will be lost. Tweaks issue.)
-Clean out some useless files in system
-removed a few market apps. just redownlad if desired. (twitter and youtube)
-Moved boot/down animations to data/local to free up more system space
-Switched the dock mode app to the Bliss style

-Probably more...its late so i cant remember now.

BUGSWall Previews dont work (set this to grid view its fine)
NO 4G (please stop asking. i challenge you to find another 3.5rom with 4G)
Some are having issues with downloads. (wipe cache and dalvik should fix) i have yet to see this.
No Visual Voicemail. (just press and hold #1. its easy...really..)
EPST codes not working
SystemUI icons will revert to stock once you change the dropdown color. no way around this.
No Beats Audio. Ever. (Added some EQs which sound amazing.)

Heres the GOODS:Updated Tweaks ( thanks RCTeam)
-3 different lockscreens (Sense, Android and Honeycomb)
-black or white systemUI
-change fonts (lots to choose from)
-rosie and systemUI/statusbar transparencies
-switch to bliss rosie
-Godmode (temp access to mod any file in file manager)
-kernel and memory tweaks
-button lighting options

Added some new Keyboards (black and green swype and matching GB keyboard)
Roam Only Option (Data roam and 160sms workaround) (Thanks Mr_Greg)
My own wallpaper setup
Framework Tweaks
Scripts for speed and performance
Exchange Sync now working
Fully working HTC HUB
1080p camcorder (Thanks Vin)
Enhanced music EQs
367mb on clean install
Different QuickLaunch widget
Newest ad-block hosts
Roboto fonts installed
Custom boot animation


Fix some broken Tweaks
Get Visual Voicemail working
4G?? Just dont ask please..

Radiance RC 1.2.1

Original Post: Blazing-Roms

Developer: Jerrod The Great

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