Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hybrid RC1.0

Updated Tweaks ( thanks RCTeam)
-3 different lockscreens (Sense, Android and Honeycomb)
-black or white systemUI
-change fonts (lots to choose from)
-rosie and systemUI/statusbar transparencies
-switch to bliss rosie
-Godmode (temp access to mod any file in file manager)
-kernel and memory tweaks
-button lighting options

-Browser Crash
-Text and memory pop ups gone
-1080p Camcorder (Thanks Vin)
-Roam Only Option for data roaming and sms split (thanks Mr_Greg)
-New boot animation
-New framework and Build.prop tweaks
-Scripts for speed and performance
-Exchange Sync now working
-Fully working HTC HUB
Added HTC Rezound Music Player (online services dont yet connect)

BUGSWall Previews dont work (set this to grid view its fine)
NO 4G (please stop asking. i challenge you to find another 3.5rom with 4G)
Some are having issues with downloads. (wipe cache and dalvik should fix) i have yet to see this.
No Visual Voicemail. (just press and hold #1. its easy...really..)
EPST codes not working
SystemUI icons will revert to stock once you change the dropdown color. no way around this.
Boot and Down animations wont change in tweaks.
No Beats Audio.


Fix some broken Tweaks
Get Visual Voicemail working
4G?? Just dont ask please..

Hybrid RC 1.0

Original Post: Blazing-Roms

Developer: Jerrod The Great

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