Monday, January 9, 2012

Team-Nocturnal Presents Shooter E3D Port.Bravia Engine 4G much more!!

The Goods

Base-Shooter Sprint release (Gingerbread) And a little mix, all sense 3.0! 
Green Overscroll Glow
Bloat removed
3D Home Screen Setting (go to settings/display/ and check the 3dHome Screen.
Nocturnal Tweaks
fully working htc hub with sense 3.0 skins and widgets.
Amazing Sense Skin 
More stuff Im sure that Im forgetting


Changelog for RLS4.4

Sony bravia engine!
This has more RAM, and internal space....over 300 mb on clean install.
Chads anthrax vB stable build4 for the EVO baked in. Please be sure your h.boot is .93 or higher before flashing.
Super smooth scrolling rosie. (Thanks Hamdir)
Rebuilt and opted some more .jars
Finished opting out all .apks, and png opted again.
Traded out all Idlescreens and fusion for smaller ones
No need to have DTa2sd beta 4 baked in anymore as there is now 384mb on a clean install!
Remapped Rosie through Tweaks
Added 5row option for Rosie through Tweaks
Fixed FC in Gallery effects Setting
Aded inverted MMS w/sms backup (Thanks Xs)
Updated Google apps again
Removed adfree app cause it so damn
Added ICS transitions
Put the stocks lock back in/ moved all locks back to system/app. This should help anyone who was having issues using certain lockscreens.
Added inverted clock w/ghomorra style numbers (thanks Me)
Fixed hex in advanced power control menu (only one left is under airplane mode it sais your
Added wake lock in Tweaks
Fixed native screenshot
Fixed Overscroll Options via Tweaks
Fixed Unlock animation on/off via Tweaks (This is the carousel effect after you unlock, if you uncheck the unlock animation in Tweaks, that will go away)
Added MIUI battery bar mod /configurable through batter bar settings app (huge thanks pvy) Will add to tweaks settings later.


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