Friday, January 6, 2012

SalvageMod v1.4

SalvageMod is a AOSP project developed by myself, Barnacles10, and echoside.
This software is built from the Android open source project 2.3.5 branch.

We are offering 1.4 both odex and deodex. Keep in mind, most themers theme deodex ROMs.
Make sure to choose what the google add-on that corresponds with your ROM choice.

Big thanks goes out to Cyanogen and Team-Win for coming through with wimax.

Visit our github for source and credit for anything specific you're looking for in the build.


  • Add option to disable stock voicemail notifications
  • Advanced camera options. (Vol up/down snap, Vol up/down Zoom)
  • Fixed reboot dialog bug
  • Using latest gps libs
  • Added init.d support, for running scripts on boot
  • Added Devtools to SalvageParts
  • Added SpareParts to SalvageParts
  • Fixed extra updater-script commands being seen
  • Fixed live wallpaper issue
  • Added screenshot app
  • Added screeny script to /system/bin for screenshots via adb
  • Toggle transparent notification drop down.
  • Added new screenshot widget for notification dropdown

Original Post: XDA

Developer: Lithid-CM

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