Friday, January 6, 2012

MikG v3.0 - Re-Engineered GB Sense 2.1 + 3.0

Ok guys... this is probably the most complete sense 2.1 + sense 3.0 rom there is out right now... but feel free to correct me if im wrong...

1st... huge thanks to misifit for getting these shift ports starting, also thanks to virus for his huge contribution to all port that are running around here on xda.
2nd... huge thanks to Jade for paying attention to some new things that kept on coming.
3rd... huge thanks to RC-team and romanBB for their original version of tweaks.
4th... huge thanks to pvy for the Miui like battery bar settings app and mod (i added it to tweaks instead of a stand-alone app)
as always thanks chingy for his debloater addons to tweaks and to mcluvin for the graphics and of course huge, huge, huge props to seo and snq- that made sure a lot of the sense 3.0 apps can be used with sense 2.1.
v3.00: (MD5 - 0e5ff2ef1adcd8167c87b8aac2950415)
Please fully wipe coming from the beta or v2.xx!!!
Updated Market (v3.4.4)
Updated all market apps (FB, Flash, etc.)
Updated Maxthon (v2.3.9)
  • Transition/Window Animations Speeds
  • System Font sizes
  • Debloater (use at your own risk since there is no reverting option yet)
  • 3 different Lockscreens changeable on the fly (honey/vanila/htc)
  • Tons of fonts to choose from
  • All Htchub apps/widget/skins downloadable (so u wont have to login to htc hub to get it)
  • Various bootanimations
  • Various volume rocker sounds
  • Softkeys light tweaks (on/always on/off)
  • Various Auto brightness settings
  • Rosie 5 rows and semi-trans BG
  • Inverted drop menu and semi-trans BG (SystemUI)
  • SD Card read ahead speeds (default is 2048kb)
  • KB with no arrows - on/off switch
  • BatteryBar (like Miui)
  • Screen on with volume button
  • Take a picture with volume button
  • All the tweaks from 2.xx and a lot more... the list is long...
For Themers (general changes from v2.xx):
  • A lot have changed and moved around from v2.xx.
  • Some apps file names have been changed to work with the debloater app
  • Some apps from data got moved into /system/app/ for the same reason as above (and to save more room on data)
  • You must re-theme SystemUI, Rosie, framework-res, Settings, HTCCamera, and i hope i didnt leave more out
  • Bootanimation file names have changed
  • I think it goes without saying that a lot of smali files got changed (framework and system apps)
Known Bugs:
  • Long pressing on tabs to remove them will not work.
    I had issues keeping the bounce overscroll and the tabs working together so i decided that it is an "OK" bug to have since most of us never use the long press on tabs anyways and might like the bounce overscroll better.
  • As far as i can tell any other bug is really minor... but ill add to the list as time goes on
  • If its grayed out... its not a bug...

Original Post: MikMik Forum

Developer: Aamikam

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